offers a complete selection of coded and non-coded multi element hollow cathode lamps as replacements for AAS instruments. Available in the two standard sizes: 2.0” diameter for replacement in PerkinElmer instruments and 1.5” diameter for replacement in Varian, GBC, Unicam, and other OEMs.

To Suit Varian, GBC, Unicam, and other OEMs  (1.5" - 2 Pin Non-Coded)

To Suit Agilent, Varian and GBC Instruments (1.5" - 4 Pin Coded)

To Suit Thermo Fisher and Unicam Instruments (1.5" - 7 Pin Coded)

To Suit PerkinElmer AAnalyst  (2" - 4 Pin Coded Cableless)

To Suit PerkinElmer  (2" - 9 Pin Non-Coded)