To suit PerkinElmer AAnalyst (Coded 2")

To suit PerkinElmer (AAnalyst)

Photron's P900LL (51mm or 2.0” Diameter) series is designed for direct use in cableless AAS systems manufactured by: PerkinElmer

These hollow cathode lamps are produced to provide direct use without adapters in all Perkin Elmer AAS instruments. All windows on these lamps are fully fused and contain no "gassy" adhesives which drastically reduce shelf life.

  • Totally hermeitc glass seals ensures a clean fill gas and cathode for the life of the lamp and most importantly a shelf life longer than 5 years.
  • The application of the same glass cathode shielding technique used in all Photron hollow cathode lamps gives maximum stability and reliability throughout lamp life.
  • Due to the elegantly simple design of the electrode geometry of Photron lamps, less mass is present within the lamp, reducing outgassing and making the lamp more resistant to breakage from lateral shock.