Optogalvanic Lamps

(See Through Hollow Cathode Lamps - laser calibration)

Photron manufactures Optogalvanic (see-through) hollow cathode lamps, they are designed to act as a frequency stable reference for high intensity tuneable monochromatic light sources, particularly lasers.

Most of the cathode materials used in standard hollow cathode lamps may be used in the “see-through” design. We can also offer a range of fill gases, such as: Neon, Argon, Xenon and Krypton.


The Photron hollow cathode power supply (P209) provides a precision current source to correctly drive Photron hollow cathode lamps at a specific current.  This allows use of a stand-alone hollow cathode lamp for purposes such as laser frequency tuning, Astronomy with P858A Thorium Lamps and Optogalvanic Lamps as well.  

Current is adjusted by a ten turn current control on the front panel. The current is constantly displayed on the front panel meter for ease of adjustment. Current range is 0 to 25mA and a 600V automatic starting voltage is provided to enable even ageing lamps to start correctly.

Other elements and gas fills available upon request.